My take on a dungeon crawler using twine:

Way more technical than a twine game usually is, little reading, lots of fighting!!!

Version: Beta 5

This game represents 10s of hours of research and tweaking, and is my second major game using twine (and much better I feel).

The core of the game is complete and things are feeling more polished.

Let me know if you find any bugs or improvements you'd like to see.

*Not recommended for mobile*

New in Beta 2

          Added healing in battle properly (it now takes a turn to heal)

          Improved: format of shop, pricing, and gold selling system

          New enemy and area to explore for continued game play

          Ability to save and load your game

New in Beta 3

          Interactive maps to move around in (i.e caves)

          Fixed bug where luckiness wouldn't work properly

          Added health on kill and life steal in shop

          Created feature to improve visibility in mines (available in shop)

          Better formatting and balancing have also had hours dedicated to

          Supply crates in caves have been implemented

New in Beta 4

          Ability to autoheal 

          Treasure chests with more types of gemstones drop from killed monsters

          Strengthened plot (i.e much, much better)

          Consumable (i.e temporary) luck potions

          The river and its secrets

New in Beta 5

          Fixed bug where autoheal would consume too many heals

          Added  the baths and bath tickets

          Added shovels to escape the mines quickly

          Improved supply crate functionality

          Fixed bug where loading game would cause music to play on top of itself

         Better soundtrack is here!!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreStrategy, Role Playing
Made withTwine
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, html5, Singleplayer, Strategy RPG, Twine

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